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SL-C750 The SL-C750 is a very nice machine!
We do not want to get into superlatives like "smallest Notebook in the world" or anything else, but somehow we are forced to!
The Zaurus is not only looking very good, it gives a good, handy feeling aswell.
The Display provides a excellent contrast and brightness at each format.
The VGA-Display gives images and texts impressive quality.
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SL-C750 At the left side is the connector for USB or serial.
Here you have a better look at the keys.
The Keyboard has raised keys and is easy to write on.
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SL-C750 The right side with the view at the compact-flash-slot.
The CF-slot may be used with CF-cards of typ I or typ II.
At the right side from the CF-slot is the plug for the headset.
Left from the CF-slot is the hole for the stylus.
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SL-C750 On the backside you can see at the very far right the powerplug. The Zaurus needs here 5 Volt at 2 A (plus is at the inner). Left from this, the small slot in the middle is for the secure-digital-cards. Next, left side, the small, dark plastic, is the infrared (IrDA 1.2). At the extreme left, the silver button is the on-off-button (Suspend). Right from that you can see the button for "OK" and "Cancel" and below the usefull "Checkwheel".
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SL-C750 Here you can see the size of the CF-slot.
The battery compartment is at the right bottom on this image.
You can see the batteryswitch.
The Zaurus needs the EA-BL06.
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SL-C750 The upper side of the Zaurus presents itself in a noble black when closed.
The surface is smooth (there is a light reflection on this image).
At the right lower side you can see two LEDs for power and email.
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SL-C750 The Zaurus shows a film. That works very well and you can hear sound. When you use a headset, you will get good quality.
EMV-Test of the SL-C750 The SL-C750 in the laboratory.
EMV-Test of the SL-C750 The SL-C750 was successfull.
Model comparison:
Comparison SL-5500 to SL-C750 Left side: the SL-5500 and right side the SL-C750. Both closed.
Model comparison:
Comparison SL-5500 to SL-C750 The SL-C750 with turned display.
Model comparison:
Comparison SL-5500 to SL-C750 Both opened to possible keyboard use. The Display of the SL-C750 is in landscape now.

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