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Downloads for the SHARP 'ZAURUS' SL-C3200
All the informations published on this page are based on our experience. As always it's possible that there's a typo or another kind of error hidden. If you find that an information here is not correct or missing something, please notify us via E-Mail or use the feedback-box and we'll update this information.
Startup manual
If you lost your startupguide, we deliver with the SL-C3200, please feel free to download the actual document from here.
For our german-speaking customers there's the german version of the Startupanleitung (but why are you then browsing the english pages ????).

Backup for download
TRIsoft ships the SL-C3200 with german pickup-board and with english user interface. If you need to restore our shipping-state (f.e. if you made a total reset), you may download a suitable backup from here. Every backup is complete you don't need to restore a backup-chain.

C3200-2006-04-05-13-00.zip Backup from 04/05/2006
First shipped units

Attention: We're not liable for using these backups. Not for data loss nor misfunctions !

How to: Download the ZIP-file, unzip it and copy in the "Backup_Files" directory of a CF or SD memory card (at least 32 MB). Put the card in the Zaurus, select "Settings", start "Backup Restore" and start "Restore".
In case a backup won't work (and only then !)
SYSTC320.zip NAND-Backup from 04/11/2006
First version we shipped.

Please note the file size is about 64 MB.

Attention: We're not liable for using these backups. Not for data loss nor misfunctions !

How to: Download the ZIP-file, unzip it. Then copy the file to a card (at least 256 MB). Power down the Zaurus and remove all power sources (no AC adaptor and remove the battery!). Set the battery switch to the "Offen" position and wait for at least 5 seconds. Then connect the AC adaptor and put back the battery. Hold down the [D] and [M] keys and set the battery switch back to "Betrieb" (while keys are pressed!). After a short moment the diagnostics menu should appear. If not, try it again and this time hold down the [D] and [M] keys before you restore the power (AC adaptor / battery).
Insert the CF card in the Zaurus and choose "Backup Menu" and then "Flash RESTORE" on page 3 of the diag menu. The restore will take some time, so please be patient.
Restore the harddisk
In case you changed/formatted harddisk partitions by accident or after installing a different Rom, here's the wonder you waited for:


Please check the included Readme for informations about the restore of your harddisks system partitions. Also more information is available in our quickstart guide in the section "Restoring the harddisk (3x00 models)".
The KeyHelper-applet is included in our backup sets for the SL-C3000. If you want to use the KeyHelper in another environment, you may download the:
keyhelper.zip actual keyhelper xml-file.

Attention: We're not liable for using this applet. Not for data loss nor misfunctions !

The KeyHelper itself can be found in the internet at: http://yakty.s31.xrea.com/linuzau/. All help is available in japanese only. Please find more informations in our startup guide.
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