30.8.2011 / +++ BREAKING NEWS +++:
With Concrete 5.4.2 we're now adding the new, bright and shiny "multilanguage function" to our website. Unfortunately this is not really a smooth process at the moment, so the installation is not as fast as we hoped to be.

But, we're still confident to have the english version up and running within the next days.

Where is the old content gone?

You own a Zaurus? an old but working Sharp-Printer? An OpenMoko Smartphone?


It's all here. All Downloads, HowTos and for all the IT-archaeologists even the old product pages where 8 GB CompactFlash cards where worth 419 EUR...

Just click here and enjoy the "old TRIsoft-Website" from 2008. But, times are changing. And since we were founded in 1979, we move on. So we evolved from the "exclusive gadget import company" more into the serious software business we came from.

Expect to see more of our actual and interesting projects and solutions in the next days. In the meantime we're happy about the flawless co-existence of "old" and "new" TRIsoft.